Supplier Provided:  Casabianca Furniture, LLC is not responsible for any freight damages on orders shipped using supplier-provided shipping carriers, BOL, shipping accounts, and/or pick-up/shipping methods provided by supplier.  IF MERCHANDISE ARRIVES DAMAGED DUE TO TRANSIT, IT IS THE SUPPLIER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO FILE A CLAIM WITH THE FREIGHT CARRIER.

Casabianca Furniture Provided (Premium):  Shipments made using Casabianca Furniture’s shipping accounts – also considered Pre-Paid shipments and deliveries – are to be inspected immediately upon receipt. Any freight claims are to be made within 48 HOURS upon receipt. 

Casabianca Furniture has developed a very unique and flexible approach to shipping. Casabianca Furniture has selected several types of delivery methods, featuring preferred carriers. The supplier has the right to utilize our network of carriers for transport or to route via their own preferred network on a collect basis.

We have two options for transporting goods.

1. Suppliers may select Casabianca Furniture’s preferred furniture haulers for a Premium. (Pre-Paid)

2. Suppliers may select their own carrier. In such cases, Casabianca Furniture bears no responsibility for lost or damaged goods.

The warehouse should only be contacted once the product is ready to ship and only for transportation arrangements. All other order inquiries should be made through your Casabianca Furniture Customer Service Representative at (800)-652-6344

Warehouse Address:
Casabianca Furniture, LLC
16260 NW 49th Ave
Miami Gardens, FL 33014
Tel: 800-652-6344

Warehouse hours of operation
Mon-Fri:  9:00 am – 12:00pm
Closed:    12:00pm -12:30pm
Open:      12:30pm – 5:00pm